Beautiful PDFs using web skills

Papero lets you create PDFs using standard JavaScript, HTML and CSS

Built by developers for developers

Papero is built as an API from the ground up, everything is created to enable simple integration in your existing code bases. All our APIs are documented using OpenAPI and Swagger for your convenience.

Beautiful PDFs, as easy as web

With Papero we enable you to use your standard web tools to build PDFs, be it JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Django, WordPress or any other tool.We have experienced the pain of creating PDFs that fit our graphical profile and look as good as our web-sites while staying dynamic, we've chose one or the other too many times.

Bulk operations Coming soon

You can create reusable Nunjucks templates and create customised PDFs by sending simple JSON-data to our bulk-api. We will automatically render it in the PDFs for you. Dynamic PDFs have never been this easy!

Read more about Nunjucks

On-premises or in the cloud

We understand that you may work in a regulated industry or just want to control all moving parts in your production environment. Don't worry, Papero can be run on-premises, in your own cloud, or in our cloud.

Ready to use white labeled templates

Web based PDF-designer

Automatic report and graph creation based on input data

And much more!