The Papero Story

Bridging web development and PDFs

The idea

We live in a world where all receipts, contracts and many more categories of physical paper is heavily shifting into a digital world of PDF.

This is where Papero comes in and with the help of modern web development techniques we open up for businesses to shape their PDF designs with ease.

Hultnér & Junghard

The founders, Alexander Hultnér and Magnus Junghard met at the Chalmers University in Gothenburg and later became solo-consultants which allowed for them to start working together to build amazing software.

Between contracts Alexander and Magnus decided to take some time to develop one of the ideas they've had. In the beginning it was mostly something fun and entertaining while finding that next job, but this time it evolved into something more serious.

Who is Alexander Hultnér?

Alexander Hultnér is a freelancing consultant and speaker via Hultnér Technologies AB. He's been hacking on hardware and software since early childhood and loves to solve problems. Python has been his primary focus for the past 5 years.

Alongside consulting he's performing workshops and courses. He's currently making an online course on Property-Based Testing in Python, early signups here.

He is an avid speaker who's previously spoken at PyCon SE, and recently at EuroPython, PiterPy, FlaskCon, Python Pizza, and various other conferences. Check out some of his recent talks on YouTube.

Who is Magnus Junghard?

Magnus Junghard is a freelancing consultant via Junghard Software AB. This guy loves building applications and has done so for over 5 years.

Magnus has a certain place in his heart for blockchain technology and was one of the first persons to start building complementory 3rd party web applications toward different applications. One of the biggest 3rd party web apps he built can be found at which is a search engine for blockchain cats.

You can read more about him and his projects on his portfolio page.